Injection Molded Plastic Letter Specifications

Part I - General
1.1 Scope

A. Furnish all materials, labor and equipment necessary to complete installation of injected molded plastic letters shown on drawings and herein specified. Installation shall include all appropriate hardware and adhesive.

1.2 Submittals
A. Manufacture's illustrated product literature and specifications.
B. Installation instructions.
C. Complete shop drawings.

1.3 Quality Assurance
A. Manufacturer to have a minimum of 5 years experience in manufacturing signage.
B. All signage to be manufactured by one manufacturer.

Part II - Products
2.1 Acceptable Manufacturer or Manufacturer's Representative
A. Sign International, Inc.
P.O. Box 20054
Beaumont, TX 77720-0054
Phone: (800)590-7446
Fax: (409)842-5659

2.2 Materials
Letters to be produced from virgin engineering polymers enhanced with ultra-violet modifiers, injected molded at 12,000 psi/450 degrees Farenheit.
B. Letters to be formed in tool steel molds generated by precision CNC wire electric discharge machines.

2.3 Finishes
Finish to be painted baked enamel finish to be chosen from one of the manufacturer's standard colors.

2.4 Mounting
A. Plain -
Letters have no installation hardware.
B. Pads - Plastic disks on the rear of the letters.
C. Studs - Metal threaded posts on the rear of the letters.
D. Pad-Stud Combination - These have pads at the bottom and pad/stud combination at the top of the letter.

2.5 Fabrication
A. Letters shall be made of ___________________.
B. Letter shall be _________________ letter style and shall be __________ inches high, as indicated on the drawings.
C. Finish shall be ____________.
D. Mounting Method shall be ___________________ and a mounting template designating stud locations is/are not required for mounting on a _______________ surface.

Part III - Execution
3.1 Installation
A. Install injected molded plastic letters in accordance with manufacturer's written installation instructions and shop drawings.

3.2 Cleaning & Protection
A. Wash all surfaces clean following installation.

3.3 Warranty
A. Sign International's architectural signage systems carry a five year manufacturer's limited warranty.