Standard Mounting Methods

Sign International has five standard methods of installation which are illustrated below. The particular method selected depends on factors such as the mounting surface and the degree of permanence required. Contact one of our representatives for recommendations.

Tape Mount: TM
Tape mounting is appropriate when the surface is smooth or non-porous. Tape mounted signs come with double sided tape already on them.

Mechanical Mount: MM
Mechanical mounting is used when screw-mounted signs are required. Holes are pre-drilled and hardware is provided.
Silastic Adhesive: SA
Silastic adhesive is appropriate for most surfaces including smooth, abnormal, porous, or vinyl covered. Double-sided tape is supplied to hold the sign in place until the silicon is dry.
Countersunk Mechanical Mount: CSMM
Countersunk mechanical mounting is similar to mechanical mounting. The holes are, however, predrilled for countersunk screws. Tamper proof screws are available upon request.

Shim Plate Mounting: SP
Shim plate mounting is appropriate for abnormal or difficult surfaces. An aluminum shim plate with pre-drilled holes for countersunk screws is supplied for mounting. Double-sided tape and silastic adhesive are then used to affix the sign to the aluminum shim plate. Countersunk screws are provided.

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