Letter Styles and Sizes

Cast Letters:
Aluminum Bronze Letters
Each letter is hand cast in the finest metal alloys. We are known for the authentic styling and enduring quality of our cast letters. Sign International offers 24 standard letter styles in various heights. We offer a satin and oxidized finish on our bronze letters and our A-10 Polyurethane, satin anodized or duranodic finish on aluminum.

(Click on letters for larger view.)

Futura 102D Venus Bold 117
Broadway 103 Bodoni 119
Deep Ribbon 104D Univers 122
Deep Condensed Ribbon 104DC Helvetica 123
Light Ribbon 104S Helvetica Medium 123M
Garamond 105 Clarendon 125
Gothic 106 Microgramma Bold Extended 127
Prismatic 110 Optima 129
Kabel 112 Optima Medium 131
Gothic Ribbon 113 Classic 210
Medium Gothic 114 Times New Roman 212
Condensed Ribbon 115 Friz Quadrata 214

Please call us at 1-800-590-SIGN(7446) or e-mail for more information about Cast Letters. All of these letter styles and sizes can be customized with the exception of Prismatic.

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