Post and Panel Sign Systems

PP22 Sign Series
The 22 Series is designed to solve identification problems using a smaller sign, one ranging from 15" x 15" to 42" x 42". This systems utilizes 2" wide extruded aluminum posts and a 2" wide extruded frame, with no exposed fasteners. Its sturdy construction makes it vandal resistant and rust proof and its design allows for easy replacement of side panels.

PP33 Sign Series
The 33 Series utilizes a 3" wide extruded aluminum frame and post which locks together. This gives the sign the structural strength to allow for sizes from the small 15"x15" to a large 48" x 96". This system is also vandal resistant, rust proof, has no exposed fasteners, and has removable face panels. It is a very functional series for providing identification, directional, regulatory and informational sign systems.

PP77 Sign Series
The 77 Series is designed to support the mid range to large 60" x 144" sign system. The unique 3" x 7" extruded aluminum post interlocks with a 7" deep aluminum frame. Again, it is vandal resistant, rust proof, has no exposed fasteners, and has removable face panels, as are all of our post and panel sign systems. The 77 Series can also be made in a flush face design, allowing for an invisible face retainer.

Multi-Panel Sign System
This changeable message unit was designed for many tenant/message units who share the same support columns but need to be changed or replaced from time to time. Sign strips can be the same height or varying heights can be mixed in the same support. Likewise, strips can be the same color and graphic application, or they can be different colors with custom graphics in each strip. This is a very versatile sign.

Radius Post Design
The Radius Post Sign ranges in sizes from 2" wide for small signs, 3-1/4" for mid-range signs, and 7" for the larger signs. The 7" width has interior illumination capability, and all radius post signs can be mounted in the ground, from the ceiling, or on a wall. We offer two kinds of posts, the HR Series, and half-round post, or the CR Series, a completely round post. Both attach to the sign frame using an interlocking track design.

Round Top Design
The smooth flowing look of the round top can be followed through a complete project.

R22 Series
This series is made from a 2" wide half-round post column with an interlocking 2" wide aluminum frame.

R33 Series
This series utilizes a 3-1/4" wide half-round post column and aluminum frame.

R77 Series
The R77 series is made from a 7" diameter halfround post column with a 7" wide aluminum frame. This versatile sign also has optional interior illumination capabilities.

Custom Posts
Sign International has three additional post designs to make our post and panel sign systems truly versatile. These custom post shapes are compatible with our 2", 3-1/4" and 7" extruded aluminum frames. All are available in the mill finish. We have 42 different colors for you to choose from. All custom posts come in 8' length.

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