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Series 400 or Single Face
Series 400 or Single Face
The series 400 has a 2"x 2" post with end caps locking the sign in place. The panel is made of aluminum.

Series 400 WA
Series 400 WA
The 400WA is equal to the 400 series and provides for maximum wording on each end.
Series 700
The Series 700 offers a pre-fabricated heavy duty aluminum post,
2-1/12" x 3-1/4" with aluminum or plastic sign panels for wording. Post and Panel are designed for easy assembly and installation. Units will have no exposed fasteners. Unit will have locking wedges at bottom corner of post for permanent assembly. This permits easy removal for changing panels. Frames and panels can have a baked enamel, duranodic or natural satin finish.
Series 900
The series 900 features the same design as our series 700. Our heavy duty extruded aluminum posts are used for both units. This unit provides for interior and exterior illumination. The 2-1/2" x 7-1/2" extruded posts have a 7-1/2" wide matching frame. This provides space for illumination. Lamp socket and ballast channels are designed as an integral part of the unit. Panels can be of aluminum, acrylic or plexiglass. Frames can have a baked enamel duranodic or clear anodized finish.

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